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How to dry your crawlspace

How To dry your CrawlspaceIs your crawlspace wet? Having a crawlspace means having a space that you have to keep in mind. Leaks, mold and air in your home don’t go unnoticed.  Unfortunately, there is one space in your home that mold can go unnoticed, allowing it to...

The Importance Of A Vapor Barrier

The Importance Of A Vapor  BarrierWhat keeps your home safe? Have you noticed collected water on the pipes or concrete walls around your crawlspace? We can help you get a great vapor barrier system installed. Dampness is a common side effect of crawl spaces that do...

How you can protect your crawlspace

How To Protect your crawlspace In Oregon, we are prone to extra wet weather for the majority of the year. This means that your home is susceptible to a great deal of water and wetness. This means paying a little more attention to your crawlspace, the area around your...

What a Finished Crawl Space Looks Like

What A Finished Crawlspace looks like After all the old plastic is pulled, debris removed, trenches dug, water drained, sump pumps installed, any rotten beams repaired, Vapor barrier is laid – we call it a job well done. Did they face obstacles? Yes. The enemy came...

Our New Truck! Honk If You See Us!

Our New Truck Good morning! Look for us on the road today, we be riding in style! We are proud to announce that our vehicle received a new wrap so all our wonderful clients and potential customers can recognize our rig and smiling faces on the road. We are...

Crawlspace Snake

Snake Attack What creatures are in your crawlspace? Colton is smiling under that mask because he knows he did a good job in a crawl space today and also caught a little friend that needs to find a new home! (There were actually several little friends down...

What We Look For In Your Crawlspace

What We Look For In Your Crawlspace Transcript from video Crawling through a very nasty, tight crawlspace just to see what it needs. Having a good time loving what I do, keeping a good attitude. So were going to come down here and probably plastic because...

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Do you know what's under your home? It might be time to take a look. Would you ever think that you needed to Spring clean UNDER your home too? Most people don’t ever look under their house, nor are they aware that there could be a truck load of debris...

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