Wet Crawlspaces

Water damage in your crawlspace can cause beams, posts, sill plates and rim joists to rot. But we can fix these problems. 

What We Do


Sump pump installation: We will remove the water by installing a trench system and a sump pump, leaving you with a dry crawlspace.

Water damages in your crawlspace: We will replace rotten sill plates, rim joists, posts and beams.


New Year's Resolution = Repairing Your Crawl Space or Foundation!

Your Crawl Space Guys is offering to beat any competitor’s bid by at least 10% on the following repairs:


  1. Wet crawl spaces needing a sump pump, trenches, vapor barrier, etc.
  2. Crawl space dig-outs*
  3. New foundations on existing structures*
  4. Dry-rot & structural repairs




  1. Must be in our current service area.
  2. Must be dug out as outlined by the Oregon Building code (at least 18”).  
  3. Excludes foundations on prefabricated structures including mobile and manufactured homes.
  4. If your project does not qualify for our promotion, we will let you know right away, no gimmicks!


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