Preparing For Winter in Summer

The very best time to have your home worked on is during the summer. Why is it the best time to work on your home you may ask? Because the weather is more likely to cooperate! That means that job get done more quickly and efficiently without introducing moisture to the work site. If you are aware there is something that will need to get fixed before next winter then book early for summer. Because the weather is so much better in the summer here in Oregon many contractors are booked solid! So it’s best you get on their Schedule as soon as possible. Luckily, there are many ways that you can prepare your home on your own!

Fill the Cracks

If you are noticing a lot of cracks in outside walls or gaps in your foundation then fill them in. You can get foam in a can and spray it in. This is a super easy way to protect your home from building up or collecting moisture in walls or under your home.

Check those Gutters

Clean out your gutters every summer before the rainy season starts. Check them several times during the winter as well in case of built up debris. If you notice that any gutters are loose or missing nails then remedy that. The weight of water could rip them right off if they aren’t secure. At the outlet or spout of your gutters put an extender to direct water away from the foundation of your home. You definitely don’t want your foundation, crawlspace, or basement affected by water. While you are up there make sure that all of the flashing on your home is present, intact, and secure. Look for places that have had possible damage to the roof or shingles, if there is anything visible you should call a local reputable roofer to help you out. It’s important to check your attic or roof crawl space to identify any inner issues.

Crawl Space

Speaking of crawl spaces, you are gonna want to get under there to check things out. There are so many good reasons to get under your home and do a quick inspection. Check for vermin of any kind, check for leaks or moisture, check to make sure that all of your vapor barrier is intact, make sure there aren’t any cracks or openings to the outside that could introduce moisture, etc. Many people get pretty squeamish about going under homes due to spiders, bugs and possibly other types of vermin. It is also important to hire a professional to inspect it. They are better able to identify and remedy the problem.


A great time to check your pipes is before winter! If you live somewhere that has the potential to freeze your pipes then inspect them before the freeze! Check for cracks, drips or rusting. You can also wrap your pipes for more protection.

These are just a couple suggestions for helping keep your home and crawlspace safe this upcoming rainy season. You should have your crawlspace inspected regularly. If you are in need of an inspection then call Your Crawlspace Guys!