A Dehumidifier In Your Crawlspace


It is the wettest time of the season right now, because of this, you may be thinking about moisture in your home. As a result of all this rain there can be water in places you don’t want it. In the past, we have talked about moisture under your home and ways that it can be prevented. There are many negative things that can happen to your home and your family if moisture goes unaddressed. Having a dehumidifier installed in your crawl space or basement is one great way that you can prevent a build up of moisture.


What Is it? 

We have all heard about humidifiers that add moisture to the air when you or your child isn’t feeling well. However, did you know that many homes have too much moisture? As much as 60 percent of homes are to damp. As a result, there can be major issues. Walls can sweat or windows can get condensation, this makes the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria to grow. If you have these types of occurrences in your home, it may be time to get a dehumidifier. This can happen, especially during the holiday season when we are doing lots of cooking and have many people in our homes.

A dehumidifier literally sucks the moisture right out of the air and puts it into a tank. There are different options for dehumidifiers. There are some that you have to empty the tank and there are some more permanent ones that drain into your plumbing. You can get dehumidifiers specifically designed for your basement or crawl space! How cool is it to know that you can get a machine that sucks moisture out of the air!


Why We Want it

It is not commonly known that up to 40% of the air in your home comes up from your crawl space. Because of this, if there are moisture problems going unremedied it can introduce unwanted elements into your home. In other words, if there is moisture, eventually there will be mold, mildew, wet or dry rot. Bacteria loves areas that stay wet, it really thrives. This can make your family and pets very ill. Another thing to keep in mind is that having moisture under your home is going to cause structural damage to you home. In addition, this can also deteriorate the homes foundation. We think that these reasons alone are enough to consider getting a dehumidifier installed in your crawl space.


Energy Efficiency 

If you have a very humid home in general it will make your home feel warmer in the summer and colder in there winter. As a result, you are more than likely cranking up your air condition and your heater. You can look into energy star permanent dehumidifiers for your crawl space or ask Your Crawl Space Guys what they think is the most energy efficient option. In conclusion, you will be saving money, you will not be needing your furnace or air conditioner as much if there is less humidity in the home.


Health and Comfort

As mentioned above, moisture breeds bacteria, mold, mildew and rot. You and your family definitely do not want to be breathing that in. If people are regularly exposed to mold spores if can really affect them, even gravely depending on the type of mold. As a result, people can develop lung and respiratory illnesses, and have a weakened immune system. This is especially true for the young, the old, and the medically fragile. In other words, we should  keep the moisture out of our homes.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling overly warm and sticky? This may have to do with the amount of humidity in your home. Having too much humidity can also accelerate the  deterioration of furniture and electronic devices. Getting a dehumidifier will help you home feel more comfortable.


Your Crawl Space Guys care about your family and your home. Humidity and moisture is a true detriment to your home. We want your home and your family to be safe. Moisture can cause illness, structural and foundation damage, the deterioration of your home, and cost you money on your energy bill. Keep all of this in mind, think about if this is happening in your home. If it is, it’s time to call Your Crawl Space Guys for extra help!