The Importance of Window and Door Trim

Did you know that Your Crawl Space guys do a lot more than just work in crawl spaces?! Yes, they sure do. They can do everything you need done in crawl space from foundation repair to dig outs, to replacing vapor barrier, to installing a sump pump. Your Crawl Space guys do it all under your home but what else do they do? Last month we talked about Siding. Your Crawl Space Guys also repair and replace  window and door trim that have had water damage.

But what exactly is window and door trim you may ask? Trim is the structural frame of the door or window. Trim has different parts to it the sill is the  part of the window trim at the bottom it is a little ledge. But there are other parts to the trim which includes the head casing, side jambs and the apron (piece attached to the wall beneath the sill).  Window trim isn’t just decorative, it is also meant to fill gaps and give your windows or doors a stronger structure!


Each part of the trim plays a part in keeping the window structurally sound and the elements out. Keeping the elements out of your home or other buildings is very important. Having leaky windows and doors can lead to all sorts of issues in your structure. If you have moisture entering your home you are always risking damage. Some of the damage that may occur is mold, wet rot, dry rot, structural damage, mildew, and much more. Catching an issue while it is small is the best prevention to having a big issue.

But how do you tell if your trim is in need of repair or replacement? Well, the most obvious sign is that there is clear water damage right there on the sill of your trim. Another way to tell that your trim needs to be repaired or replaced is in the paint around the trim is starting to peel. That may be an indication that there is moisture seeping in around the trim. A tale tell sign that it is time to replace a window or door trim is if they are warped. Unfortunately, it would be very difficult to repair a warped trim.

On the plus side, if you have to replace your trim then you are more than likely going to be replacing it with more energy efficient trim! This will help cut done on heating and cooling all year round! We all like to save a bit of money on energy costs and cut down on our carbon footprint right? Replacing your old trim and windows is one great way to be more energy efficient.

So if you or someone you know needs siding repair or replacement as well as new trim done around their windows or their doors remember Your Crawl Space guys do more than just crawl spaces! Give Your Crawl Space Guys a call and see if we can help you with your home repair needs!