Siding:What is it good for?

We all want our homes to be as sturdy as possible. We want our homes to be protected from the harsh elements. One way that we can protect our cherished homes from being vulnerable is having siding on our homes. Whether you need siding installed, repaired or replaced it is an excellent investment to keep you house safe for years to come.

The importance of siding is not common knowledge to most people. It keeps your walls and the insulation inside of your walls safe from tough weather year long. When you have siding it prevents moisture from entering your walls and insulation. We wouldn’t want to have moisture in the wall, that causes many more issues. Having moisture in your walls can cause warping, mold, bowing, structural damage to your foundation… the list is extensive (and expensive to repair). Siding not only protects your home from weather but also from other undesirables such as insects and dirt. It’s even an extra layer to protect against rodents and other animals. So now we know, siding is a great investment in protecting your home!

Now that we know it’s there to protect you, what exactly is siding? Siding is also called wall cladding. It is basically a protective cover that is attached to the outside of your home’s walls. Walls that are masonry do not require siding but you can put siding on any type of wall! There are also many different types of siding! There is wood siding which is very commonly used. Another commonly used type is thatch and stone. Plastic siding is gaining in popularity as well. Some other types of siding includes metal, imitation brick, masonry, and composite. There are still others that you can often choose from. Having choices is awesome and you can paint your siding any color that you want!

So why is is it so important to have quality siding put on and why is it so important to make repairs on your damaged siding? As mentioned before siding is one of the main protectors of your home alongside your roof and your foundation. If your siding is damaged there is surely moisture where it should not be. If you get moisture in your walls, as mentioned before, it is a bad situation. Mold, bacteria, structural damage are all results of water entering due to damaged siding. This is another reason why it is so important to have your siding done, and repaired, by a licensed professional!

When do we know when it is time to replace or repair our siding though? Luckily, there are some tell tale signs that it is time to get your siding repaired or replaced! One sign is if there is warping starting to happen on your siding, it may be time to replace it. Another sign is that it is starting to peel or pull away from the wall surface of your home. Sometimes there are green or black patches on the siding itself, that is a sign of a moisture problem as well. Sometimes if the moisture has made it through the walls and out the other side then paint may be peeling or wallpaper sagging, this is definitely a sign. If any of these things are happening then you need to get your siding repaired as soon as possible.

If you are in need of some siding repair then it’s time to give Your Crawl Space Guys a call!