The Dangers of Dry Rot


What exactly is dry rot? Dry rot occurs when your home is exposed to moisture, dampness, or condensation of any kind. Dry rot can occur in floors, walls, cabinets, or even the structural wood frame of the home. Dry rot is especially dangerous because it is quick moving and cause severe damage to your home or structure!

Dry rot and wet rot are very different. Wet rot generally only occurs in areas that are exposed to water, often for long periods of time. Wet rot is localized and won’t spread. Dry rot is also the result of being exposed to some kind of moisture, however unlike wet rot, dry rot is a quick moving rot. It does not stay only in the area that was dampened but will move to other areas quickly. Due to the severity of dry rot it is imperative to detect it quickly and not wait to have it treated. As mentioned before it can move into your floors, walls, drywall, brickwork, behind plaster, and even into the structural wood of your home. This is why not is so important to make sure your home is in good condition, filling cracks in foundation, around doors and windows, and making sure you crawl space has proper vapor barrier.

Dry rot is a fungus, a wood rotting fungus. If you look under your sink and see something that resembles a mushroom then it is time to get checked. Dry rot also presents an grey lines that branch outwards. Getting dry rot eliminated immediately is important due to its fast moving capabilities. If it is not treated structural damage can occur. Wood that has been affected by dry rot will become very brittle and crumble to the touch. You definitely do not want the structural timber that makes the frame and flooring of your home to be brittle!

Dry Rot

Although dry rot itself is not hazardous to humans health it is still an indication of the conditions in your home. If dry rot is present then there is a high likelihood that your home is very damp. Having a very damp home can increase the chances of having mold, bacteria, and other spores in your home. Having these things can become hazardous to your health. Having a home that is moist can cause breathing issues, or even long term respiratory problems. Detecting and eliminating dry rot is very important to you health because it can help prevent against other issues that can develop due to the moist atmosphere of the home.

So what do you do if you know you have dry rot in the home? You call a local professional! Your Crawl Space guys can help eliminate and repair damage done by the dry rot. Dry rot is not something that you want to mess around with! They repair rotten floor framing, rotten siding, and if necessary, entire walls and full perimeter sill plate replacement. So if you are worried you should give Your Crawl Space Guys a call to come check it out and help repair the damages!