Living in the Pacific Northwest we are used to the rain, and often find beauty in stormy days curled up inside our home. Yet, what happens when water makes it inside our home? We’re not talking about your roof leaking, we’re directing the conversation toward water damage in the foundation of your home. Your foundation is the last layer between the ground and your residence or building. The purpose of foundation is to hold a building intact and balanced. Soil is constantly moving, even if we don’t feel it. For this reason, foundation is crucial for the holistic welfare of buildings and homes. Therefore, what do we do when water damages our foundation? 

Identifying the Problem

In order to identify if you have a problem, you want to enter the lowest level of your home. For most people, this typically leads them to their basement. Assuming we are in the basement, analyze the floor and keep an eye out any cracks, dark spots, or unappealing odor that will not go away. These are clear signs your foundation is suffering from water damage. In other areas of your home, you can experience sticky situations, literally. Doors and windows can become sticky and difficult to open or close. If you experienced any of these symptoms in your home, more than likely you have a foundation problem. 

What are the Damages? 

Now that we’ve identified the problem, we need to understand the consequences of not taking care of your foundation dilemma. When you ignore the damage to the foundation, you begin to develop upheaval, the slab of foundation moves upward causing mold and rot to infest your home. 

What Next? Your Crawl Space Guys Can Help! 

the crawlspace guysYou’ve got a few options, buy a new home, or fix your contemporary home. Your Crawl Space Guys has an experienced team composed of engineers and skilled individuals to fix your foundation. Moreover, Your Crawl Space Guys fix dry rot, install new and repair foundation, install a sump pump system to retrieve all the water in your foundation, and create custom parts for your needs! Give us a call and we’ll leave your house like new! 

How to Prevent Water Damage in the Future

First, since we live in the rainy PNW it’s important to clean our gutters regularly. Second, make sure you have a system in your foundation to drain water out, like a Sump Pump. Thirdly, when you see damages act quickly and call Your Crawl Space Guys, we’re here to help you preserve your home.