How To Protect your crawlspace

In Oregon, we are prone to extra wet weather for the majority of the year. This means that your home is susceptible to a great deal of water and wetness. This means paying a little more attention to your crawlspace, the area around your home, your roof and even your gutters.

  1. Clean Gutters

Gutters can’t drain properly when they are full of leaves, garbage, and debris. Instead, they overflow and water collects right next to the base of the house. It then soaks into the ground and evaporates into the crawl space. It is important to make sure that all water is running away from your home and not towards it.

  1. Close Air Vents

Air vents were originally seen as a way to allow air to circulate in the crawl space. Now, crawl space cleaning professionals know that they are just a way for water and moisture to enter your home. Close all of your crawl space vents before the weather turns sour. A crawl space cleaning company can actually seal them shut to prevent rainwater from getting inside. Sealing your vents is also a great way to ensure that your crawl space stays warm during the winter and cool in the summer.

  1. Install a Vapor Barrier (read our blog about vapor barriers)

A vapor barrier is the best way to keep your crawlspace the best way to prevent this evaporation and to keep water out of the crawl space is to install a thick, protective vapor barrier on the ground. A professional crawl space company can provide the tools, supplies, and experience necessary to properly install a vapor barrier.

If you suspect that your crawl space is in bad shape after the winter or you have never checked it out, give us a call! (503)-980-1564. We can help you get exactly what you need to keep your crawl space in great condition.

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