All We Do

Today, we are spotlighting ourselves! That might sound a little weird but we are proud of the work that we do. We realize that we generally talk mostly about crawl spaces, for obvious reasons. However, that’s not all that we do. Your Crawlspace Guys do several other things than JUST clean out from under your home! (And We do actually do that too!) Here are some of the services that we offer broken down and explained! We hope that you will consider us for all of these needs!

Sump Pump

Do you have a water table that is super high under your home and struggle to keep your crawlspace or basement dry? You might want to consider having a sump pump installed! This will automatically help keep your crawlspace or basement safe from water. Call and find out about our sump pump special.

Clean ups

Over years homes can collect debris in the crawl space. During this clean up we can remove old plastic and install new vapor barrier which helps by preventing moisture from seeping under your home. Whether it be from weather, old building materials, rodents or other pests, most homes have some sort of debris that could be removed.

Structural Repairs

Sometimes, when water damage occurs you have a lot of work that needs to be done under the home. This includes, installing new concrete pier pads, new posts, rotten sill plates, rim joints, and new beams. Having all of this done by a knowledgeable professional will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Dig Outs

Sometimes crawl spaces can be a little too small or too tight to comfortably crawl through. When that happens it is important to have a professional do a dig out. They will remove excessive dirt and make the space larger and more accessible!

Dry Rot

It’s a nasty beast, and it’s hard to get rid of. But, we are here to save the day by removing dry rot and repairing all of the damages that it caused to your home. We repair structural damage caused by dry rot. We can replace beams, and posts that have water damage. We can repair decks, sill plates, and rim joints that have been damaged by dry rot.

Siding Repair

Yes! You read that right! Not only do we do crawl space stuff but we also repair siding! Not only that but we also replace water damaged window and door trims. We will also replace exterior doors!

Foundation Repair

Foundations are incredibly important to your home, it’s like the root of a tree, it holds everything up! We actually have the ability to install new foundations under existing homes! We can also replace old brick foundations. Not only can we replace foundations but sometimes we are able to repair damaged foundations!

We know that it can be scary to think about all of the things that can happen in your crawlspace. However, having a reputable professional come and do inspections regularly can help prevent big issues later on. Whatever your crawlspace (or siding) needs are we are here to help you!

Give Your Crawlspace Guys a call! For all of your crawl space needs, we’re your guys!