It seems like 2020 can’t get any worse. A global pandemic hit, and now Oregon is being destroyed by wildfires. How do we stay safe during these unprecedented times? How do we keep our home safe from the smokey weather? Your Crawl Space Guys are here to answer these questions!

We first want to address our condolences to those directly affected by Oregon wildfires. These are challenging times for everyone, but specifically, those who have lost their homes, property, and goods. Here are some resources that we’ve compiled to those who have fallen victims to the heat of mother nature: 


Home Damages

Smokes and flames can cause severe damage to your home. The coloring of your furniture gets washed down, walls are destroyed by heat transfer, windows become distorted and worn down, your plants die, concrete cracks, and your roof is destroyed. Even if you manage to escape your home, there’s no doubt that damage was been done.


Think Fast

While we aren’t experts in fire restoration, as business professionals we highly recommend that you contact your local fire restoration as soon as possible. These professionals will help you come up with a solution as to what needs to be fixed and what is still salvageable. 


How To Best Save Your Belongings

The sad truth is, it’s very difficult to save all your belongings during wildfires. Why? Because wildfires happen so fast and people have a difficult time evacuating, so here are some tips! 

  1. You and your family are more important than your stuff. Stay safe and get out! 
  2. Start purchasing fire-resistant materials. When you come back to your home after an evacuation, you want to ensure you still have salvageable items. 
  3. Prepare an emergency backpack. Not only do we live in fire zones, but earthquake zones too. It’s important to be prepared and back for any emergency.
  4. Review your homeowner’s insurance and double-check it protects against wildfires.
  5. Plan & practice! Create a plan with your family and practice a safe evacuation routine. 


Our team at Your Crawl Space Guys is praying for everyone’s safety during these crazy times. We hope these tips helped, please share with a friend who needs to hear this. Stay safe!