Signs You Might Need a Sump Pump!


What is a sump pump you may ask. A sump pump is a pump that is designed to go into the lowest part of the There are many very clear and obvious signs that you may be in need of a sump pump. Today we will talk about some signs that may help you know if you need a sump pump or not!


Water in your Basement

Seems really obvious, but of course, the number one sign that you need a sump pump in your basement is if there is water down there. If you have gone under your home and notices even small amounts of moisture that can turn into a big problem. If is important to first check to make sure that the vapor barrier under your home is fully intact. You should also thoroughly check that none of your pipes have burst or are leaking. Go along the edges of your walls to make sure it is not leaking from an above source. Check for cracks in the foundation or walls in your crawlspace or basement.


If any of these issues appear make sure to rectify them immediately. If you have rectified any issue that you have found and there continues to be moisture then you definitely need to call a professional. A professional can give you a thorough inspection and an idea on what needs to be done. If your crawlspace or basement is always wet then you may really need a sump pump to protect your home!


Low Lying Home

If you live in a home that is low or below the water table you probably need to consider a sump pump, if you don’t already have one. If you live below sea level if might be an issue as well. Some areas are naturally swampy. This, oftentimes, happens if you live near a large lake, a river or creek thats has levels that rise in the rainy season. Many people who live in these areas already have a sump pump installed so make sure that your sump pump is working at optimum levels. Make sure to have it serviced regularly.


Snowy Or Rainy Areas

Whether you know it or not, if you live in a snowy or very rainy area you may need a sump pump. Unknowingly, water may be seeping into your crawlspace or basement. When it snows the moisture is kept right up against your home melting slowly against it. Even the strongest and thickest of foundations can’t prevent seeping water for long periods of time. If you live in an especially snowy or rainy area then you may want to get your crawlspace or basement inspected by a professional.


There are many reasons as to why you don’t want moisture in crawlspace or basement. One good reason is that it can compromise the integrity of your foundation and support beams. It can cause mold, rot, and mildew. Even small amounts of water can cause dry rot. It is important to get you home inspected regularly to keep big problems from happening. Call Your Crawl Space Guys for any inspections or repairs that you require.