2020 has been a crazy year but we have finally made it to the spooky season! Yes, you head spooky season; where kids go out and trick or treat for candy, dress up in scary costumes, and eat too much candy. While historically this day is filled with scary myths that disappear when the night ends, the reality is our homes are typically always filled with spooky items. These items are out of sight and therefore out of mind, but we’re going to give you a list to watch out for! 


The more damp and dusty your crawl space is, the more pest you will attract. This fact becomes more true as the weather gets colder, animals need a shelter and the moistness of your crawl space attracts them. Your crawl space is the home of termites, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, rats, and mice! Do you think it can’t get any worse? Larger animals also make it into the mixture families of raccoons and possums have also been found in crawl spaces. 

While having a set of animals live in your basement is disturbing, we don’t really access the consequence of their inhabitants. Cockroaches spread diseases and contain an awful smell. Termites feed wood causing it to deteriorate over time. Mice contaminate your crawl space with feces and reproduce. Lastly, raccoons have a notorious history of containing rabies and possums bring fleas into your home. 

Can you see why your crawl space is constantly in spooky season?


How can I fix my crawl space?

In order to keep your home foundation and crawl space healthy call us, Your Crawl Space Guys. We get down into small hazardous places to access, repair, and offer solutions. With our team of professionals, we fix the most complex situations! 

Once the damage has been done into your home, there is not much one can do on their own. The best way to combat the destruction of your crawl space and penetration into your home is by calling for help. Once the issue has been assessed and repaired, the next step is to prevent the issue from happening. 


The only way to prevent your crawl space from being invaded by pests is to have annual inspections. Tests ensure that your home is safe, maintained, and free of pests. A well preserved crawl space leads to a healthy home! 

Call us, we’re happy to help with the spooky stuff in your crawl space!