Would you ever think that you needed to Spring clean UNDER your home too? Most people don’t ever look under their house, nor are they aware that there could be a truckload of debris in major need of disposal.

house after siding

Recently, we had some customers call us from their home in Keizer in need of our help. Their crawlspace had 1-2 inches of standing water everywhere under their house! Obviously, this was a huge problem that needed to be fixed right away.

We found that the reason for the flooding was because of plastic. Your crawlspace is supposed to have only one layer of plastic down to protect while still allowing water to evaporate and keep everything in line.  This particular crawlspace had two layers, which unfortunately will trap water and prevent it from evaporating.

To solve this problem, our team first tore up the old plastic. Then they dug trenches to help rid the crawlspace of standing water. The water was drained and they installed a new sump pump. Even after that, there was still work to be done and the team finished the job by cleaning the crawl space of debris such as rotten wood. You can see from the picture this was no easy task! By the end of the day, the area seemed brand new with a fresh plastic vapor barrier and sump pump installed, and all garbage was hauled away.

Now debris-free with no more standing water, any future work or inspections will produce a clean bill of health. If you have any spring cleaning to do in the upcoming months, remember to call Your Crawl Space Guys and make sure it gets done right by a team you can trust.