The Big One

Foundations are the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically found below ground level. Generally, foundations are fabricated of concrete or stone that support a building where the eye cannot see. Now that we’ve established what foundations are, we ask ourselves how vital home foundations in the Pacific Northwest are? 

It’s been rumored and supported by science that the Pacific Northwest is long due for a dreadful earthquake, 320 years to be exact. The subjected earthquake has been named “The Big One.” The magnitude of The Big One is expected to reach 8.7-9.2. While the expected earthquake’s magnitude is high, the amount of land it will reach is more substantial. The Cascadia and Andes Mountains will be effected; this land covers Southern Canada down to Southern California. Coastal cities will be washed away, interstate five will be destroyed, and frankly, the PNW is not prepared. There are 2 out of 3 chances that you will be home when The Big One hits, and 1 out of 3 that you will be in bed. So, how prepared are you? 


If statistics and science tell us that we will most likely be home when The Big One hits, we have to think about our home foundation. As mentioned earlier, foundations support the building below the ground. Oregon State University released an article by Robert S. Yeats titled, Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest that is crucial to inform the community about preventative and aftercare regarding earthquake safety. Yeats’ article articulates the importance of having a sturdy foundation, typically made out of concrete. Specifically, Yeats’ guides the reader and emphasizes that reinforcing the cripple wall and bolting that to the foundation are the most important steps into saving your home. While this article lays out instructions on how to complete the process, it is highly encouraged to receive professional help. If not assembled correctly, you can cause damage to your foundation and pay more capital to fix it. 

After understanding the concept of foundation, addressing The Big One, and comprehending how important it is to ensure the safety of your home, it is evident that Your Crawl Space Guys not only acquire the skill-set but obtain the experience to repair your home foundation. Your Crawl Space Guys work closely with engineers such as Jay Ollute to design custom repairs and installations. Your Crawl Space Guys is a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience dedicated to executing customer satisfaction, home safety, and ensures the stability of your quarters. 

Natural disasters such as The Big One are inevitable, but there are preventative steps we can take. Access your foundation and have it be examined by a professional if you have doubts. Your foundation might be out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. Yet, foundations are the base of our homes. Call your Crawl Space Guys; we dig what we do!