Spring and Summer are the busiest seasons of the year for us. Many people don’t realize how imperative the health of their Crawl space is. There are many times that no one gives any type of attention to their crawl space until it is too late and there are extremely expensive reparations that need to be done. Luckily l, there are oftentimes signs that can come up that will help you know that it is time to get crawl space help. Or better yet, instead of waiting for an issue have a yearly crawl space inspection.

Reasons To Get a Yearly Inspection: 

Fungus and Mold

In the dark moist space underneath your  home there is a good chance that fungus and mold could develop. Having mold and fungus is potentially harmful to the integrity of the home. Not just that but they can release toxic substances and particles that can enter your home and cause severe health concerns. 


There are many types of pests that could take up residence in your crawl space. Rodents love to move into places we really don’t want them. In our crawl space is one of them, rodents can cause a myriad of problems in your crawlspace. They can chew up wiring and nest in your insulation, they can also spread diseases and hantavirus. 


There is always a possibility of having standing water under your home that you are unaware of. Having standing water can cause many problems for your home. It can damage your foundation, it could rot your wood, it will cause mold and fungus to grow, it will increase the growth of bacteria and odor, etc. 

Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Air Conditioning

Having your crawl space inspected could prevent potentially serious problems from occurring with regular checks and maintenance  on these essential functions in your home. 


Your crawlspace is the window to your foundation. The foundation is much like your feet, if it’s damaged or destroyed all of your home will be affected. 


Got cold feet? No really, are your feet cold? This could be a sign that the insulation under the home has fallen or has been destroyed. When your insulation is compromised then you will lose a ton of money trying to heat your home in the winter.

Some things to look out for:

Is it Raining?

No really, does your house have a rainforest effect? Do you often see moisture dripping from your walls? If so there is a good chance that you home may have a moisture problem. Go down into your crawl space and see if there is dripping on every surface in there you need an inspection. Oftentimes, this is a problem that comes from your crawl space. Your home may be lacking in some vapor barrier. Vapor barrier is very important because it helps keep your home sealed off from underground water. 

What’s that Smell? 

Unfortunately, cats love your crawl space and leave behind a nasty mess. Many times cats will urinate where they live, so if they are staying under your home you can see how this would pose a major issue. Cat feces is dangerous. Their urine can cause respiratory problems due to the ammonia in their urine. It can also cause headaches. These are just some of the issues with allowing feral cats to stay under your home. Speak to your local shelter about humanely catching them. 


Insulation is meant to protect our home. It keeps it safe and warm. It protects us from the elements somewhat. If you go into your crawl space and you see that your insulation is falling, there is probably an issue. If this is happening you definitely need to call and get an inspection down. It is a tell tale sign that there is excessive moisture going on, especially if there is clumping.

What’s that bump?

If you have been noticing bumps in your floor there may be an issue. This is called cupping. Cupping is a definite sign of too much condensation in your home. It can now up the wood flooring or the plywood under the carpeting. Wood tends to expand when it gets damp.

Mold and Mildew 

Yes, we know, we are always talking about mold and mildew but it is a legitimate concern. Mold is extremely dangerous because it can become toxic for your health. It will also deteriorate the wood under your home. 

The thing about mold is that it spreads. It can start in one small place but then quickly spread through your whole home. Mold can cause a lot of health problems by negatively affecting your immune system, it is especially dangerous for the young, old, and people with respiratory problems.

These are just some things that you will want to look out for when it comes to your crawlspace. As mentioned before, this is the busiest time of  year for us. If you need an inspection ASAP then give Your Crawl Space Guys a call!