The Importance Of A Vapor 


What keeps your home safe?

Have you noticed collected water on the pipes or concrete walls around your crawlspace? We can help you get a great vapor barrier system installed. Dampness is a common side effect of crawl spaces that do not have a proper crawl space vapor barrier system. Without a crawl space vapor barrier system, dampness enters your crawlspace and can cause unwanted problems such as mold, mildew, rotting and more.

By installing a vapor barrier system you’ll be able to save money on energy by moderating the amount of time your furnace has to run.

Allergens will have a harder time making their way into your ventilation system, helping ensure that your homes air is as clean as possible.

Benefits of a crawlspace vapor barrier include:

Having control of the temperature in rooms.

When moisture is in your crawl space, it affects the temperature in your house, making it either too hot, too cold, too stuffy, or too dry. This happens because the moisture in your crawl space absorbs the warmth from your house or it keeps it from escaping. A crawl space vapor barrier system seals those spaces, keeping your house at the temperature you decide to set.

Prevents mold and odors

One of the more common problems with crawl spaces that do not have a crawl space vapor barrier system is that they create high moisture levels, which may result in mold growth – as dampness creates the ideal environment for mold growth. By installing a crawl space vapor barrier system, you will greatly reduce the moisture levels, preventing mold and foul odors from growing and forming.

Protecting your crawl space pipes.

A crawl space vapor barrier system can help prevent your crawl space pipes from bursting. Your crawl space most likely houses a variety of pipes that supply the water and power to your home. If moisture infiltrates these areas and gets to your pipes, it’s likely that they’ll start rotting, which can lead to your pipers bursting or breaking. Installing a crawl space vapor barrier system keeps your pipes dry and protected.

If you suspect that your crawlspace is holding moisture or you have been smelling a funky smell in your vents don’t hesitate to call Your Crawlspace Guys. We are a family owned business committed to cleaning out and sealing up your crawlspace!


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