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As homeowners we have heard people talking about sump pumps many times after and especially big storm or long term rain or flooding. But what exactly is a sump pump? Well you will definitely know what it is if there ever comes a time that you need one! Over 60 percent of households(maybe even more) have a need for a sump pump so this might really be something that you need! Sump pumps are pumps that are put below or in the lowest part of the basement or crawl space in their own sunken basin to collect underground water. Once the water has gotten to the pump the pump will push the water out from under the home and then away from your home to a place where it no longer causes a hazard or threat to your home. This will prevent water from building up and potentially flooding under your home!

Generally the water is pumped to a dry well or into the municipal storm drain system. This can really save you a ton of money and give you peace of mind! There are many reasons why a basement or crawl space might be wet, damp, or have standing water. Some people live where their basement is below the water table, some areas just have super high water tables. This means that water will seep into the under part of your home from the ground. Sometimes there are bad storms that allow water to seep in through cracks in the foundation. This is common in areas that has a lot of rain. It is very dangerous to have water under your home for a multitude of reasons. One huge reason is that it WILL cause very expensive damage. Standing water can severely damage your foundation, leaving it damp will cause cracks that can compromise the integrity of your home. Having water or moisture in your crawl space can also cause there to be mold and rot under your home. This can damage not only your home but can also damage your health. Making sure that your crawl space is kept dry is imperative.

If you suspect that you have any kind of moisture under your home it is very important for you to have it checked by a professional. Sometimes, there are simple fixes such as filling in cracks. Sometimes there are parts under your home where the vapor barrier has failed, fallen off, or needs to be replaced. This could be a repair that could be an easy fix to a damp crawl space or basement. You should also have your pipes checked for leaks. However, if all of these things are in working order and proper conditions then it might be time for you to give your local Crawl Space Guys a call to find out whether or not you should be considering having a sump pump installed. If you know that you are having moisture problems it is important to have them checked out so that you don’t end up with a much more significant repair later on! If you have any questions about sump pumps or any other crawl space needs please give Your Crawlspace Guys a call!

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