What is Rebar?

You may have wondered how they make concrete buildings and bridges so sturdy and durable. There is a method and that is by using Rebar. Rebar is also commonly used in homes. When you think about it, your foundation structure is what is holding your home up and keeping it together. Without Rebar, your home may be a dangerous place to live. At Your Crawl Space Guys, we do foundation and structural repair. We will use a Rebar grid, which is required. Without it, the concrete will not be sturdy enough to hold up your home. In return, this will cause major issues. Your Crawlspace Guys are here to explain how to fix and/or avoid these problems, and why Rebar plays such a crucial role in your home. 

What is Rebar?

You may be wondering, what the heck is rebar? Well, we’re here to answer that question for you! Rebar, aka reinforcement steel, is a bar made of steel wire that is used to reinforce concrete. Rebar is a very simple but effective way to construct or repair a home structure. It is also low in cost, so it won’t break the bank and it lasts a very long time. Not everyone provides this service, but at Your Crawl Space Guys, we do!

What is the Purpose of Rebar & Why is it Needed?

Rebar is a very essential component of a concrete structure, especially when it comes to the structural components of your home. This is because Rebar acts as an aid for tension. Concrete is strong but it is not strong when it comes to tension. Rebar is used to aid concrete during tension, making it stronger, more durable and preventing cracking and damage. This is why it is used in bridges. Any structure that is holding up a lot of weight and has a lot of tension use, needs Rebar. 

How is Rebar Installed?

In foundations and structures, Rebar is installed by creating a mesh frame that is attached to the walls of the structure. Cement is then poured or sprayed over the Rebar. Once it solidifies or hardens, the walls will be stronger and be more resistant to cracks and damage. 

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Want to see what we do? Watch this video to see how we used Rebar in one of our projects!